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Disney’s Mulan Director Describes Why The Remake Won’t Have Mushu Or Musical Numbers

One of the biggest points of argument in the upcoming movie by Disney Studios is this new remake of the life and action movie Mulan not having Mushu and musical chairs. The movie draws a part of its inspiration from the animated classic movie that released in the year 1998 is beloved in part for the diminutive dragon guardian and the film’s iconic songs by Eddie Murphy. While these elements will be absent in the film that release in the month of March, director of Mulan, Niki Caro, has some specific reasons for not including them.

The upcoming remake of Mulan which is alive and action remake does not have musical numbers and Mushu here is why!

Niki explained that she means back to the realism question, they do not tend to break into song when they go to war. She absolutely denies saying anything against the animation and the songs are brilliant and if she could squeeze them in there, she would have. Niki added that they do honor the music in a very significant way.

What Niki Caro is actually arguing against is making Mulan a musical like the animated Disney film is about achieving a certain level of realism. A footage presentation of the film was revealed by the Digital Spy, she explains that people do not usually break out in song when they go to war. Mulan is actually going to war and now is pressing a stop button on that very serious reality to sing a song, which is simply not realistic to Niki Caro.

Niki Caro says that she omitted to have musical numbers because it will not go with the actual genre of the movie!

It has nothing to do with Niki Caro having anything against the animated film or even the songs themselves but it is just that they would not fit with the tone of this war story that she wanted Mulan to take up.

And this is the sole reason that Niki avoided employing musical numbers. However, we are further updated by Caro saying that this movie will still make a way to pay tribute in a way to the iconic songs from the original film.

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