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Huntsville Man Booked For Killing Roommate Allegedly, Pleaded Guilty


HUNTSVILLE, ALA. (AP) — An Alabama man killed his roommate with a massive tool.

59-year-old Randal Wayne Beard hit 63-year-old Robert Bezotte more than 40 times with the tool in 2017, Madison County Chief Trial Attorney Tim Gann told.

Authorities told that Beard murdered Bezotte throughout an argument over $40 Beard owed for rent, a source reported.

“He admits that his actions went too far,” defense attorney Larry Marsili said in a statement. “We thought his state of mind, due to alcohol and medicine consumption, greatly influenced his ability to reason through the heated exchange with his roommate.”

Charges And Punishments

Randal Wayne Beard sentenced on Monday to life in jail, according to the news outlets.

Beard had indicted with capital murder because authorities told that he tried to rob Bezotte of guns, a safe and medication in addition to the killing, according to news outlets. As a bit of the plea deal, Beard declared guilty to manslaughter and gave up his right to appeal.

Separate Incident

A man in Largo is bearing first-degree murder charges after shooting his roommate for two years on Monday, the police department says.

Officers tell 38-year-old Ryan Avedisian murdered his roommate after becoming “convinced” the victim was plotting to kill him.

Avedisian indicted with first-degree murder.

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