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20-Year-Old Transgender Brutally Beaten And Left Covered With Blood In Middle Of The Street By A Gang Of Homophobic Thugs

A LESBIAN was trapped and battered to mash by two despicable hooligans in her FIFTH homophobic assault.

Bloodied Charlie Graham has remembered her unnerving experience and uncovered photos of her shock wounds to show what she needs to languish over being gay.

The guiltless 20-year-old was staying out of other people’s affairs as she strolled to meet a companion in Sunderland when she was punched in the head from behind and propelled to the ground.

Investigators are examining the detest wrongdoing and propelled a test for the sickos behind the unmerited assault on Blackwood Road at 12.50 am on Saturday morning.

She told the Daily Star: “It was excruciating I’m still in a ton of agony presently taking ordinary relief from discomfort.

“It has thumped my certainty back. I don’t go anyplace independent from anyone else any longer. I just feel good at my mum’s home.

“I have alarm assaults and tension assaults simply considering returning home on the off chance that they discover where I live and choose to get through the entryway, or I get assaulted in my very own home.

“I have had individuals taking steps to get through my entryway and crush the windows in.”

Charlie says it is the fifth time she has been focused for being gay and is appallingly surrendered to the reality she will be assaulted once more.

She stated: “I believe you ought to have the option to be glad for what your identity is.

“It causes me to feel I must remain in the house and shroud who I am and everything except for nowadays, I shouldn’t need to do that. It ought to be acknowledged.

“I’ve made an effort not to let it beat me up and move on, yet I do stress in the event that it happens again that it is more awful than it was previously.

“It happens all over. It’s my misfortune. I am not forceful, or raucous and I don’t start quarrel. I have never opened my mouth to anyone.”

In a past assault, Charlie needed to get join after her eye was part open.

Furthermore, some other time she was left with a bruised eye when a careless yob yelled “dam” and afterward punched her as she strolled with a sweetheart.

Remembering the most recent savage ambush, she stated: “I got hit from behind by a clench hand to the rear of my head, at that point I hit the ground, harming my legs and face.

“I attempted to get back up, yet they pushed me back to the ground and the two folks ran off.

“I was left draining and frightened.”

She included: “It’s critical to me for my photos to be shared, so individuals know there are individuals out there that will assault you for reasons unknown they feel is essential – regardless of whether that is your sexuality, shade of your skin, the manner in which you walk or how you dress.”

A representative for Northumbria Police stated: “We can affirm we are exploring a report of an ambush on Blackwood Road in the Town End Farm zone of Sunderland at about 00.50 am on Saturday morning.

“It was accounted for that a 20-year-elderly person was strolling home when she was exposed to homophobic maltreatment and attacked by two guys.”

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