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Is Will Smith Planning To Return For ‘Bad Boys 4’? Here’s What We Know

Certain movies aren’t just movies but carries a bag load of memories. And the Bad Boys series has undoubtedly a place on the list. The movie defined our childhood, we portrayed heroism the way Will Smith, Mike Lowrey, and Marcus Burnett showed us through their action-packed scenes. And if a movie like this ever comes again, I don’t think a die-hard fan will leave it at any cost. The sheer thought of imaging Will Smith and the team sends a chill down the spines. So if you are also waiting for Bad Boys 4, then we have something for you.

What do we have from the past?

Bad Boys, when released for the 1st time, literally skyrocketed the emotions of crazy fans across the globe and people in every nook and corner of the world have appreciated the movie. But the gap between the Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 was a staggering two years. This disappointed the fans, but when it was released, the movie proved that the wait was worth, and Will Smith and his team did an incredible job. This movie also got worldwide recognition, and they have proved again that they are the best in the segment, and nobody was around.

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But the wait between Bad Boys 2 and Bad Boys 3 breached all the limits, and the previous waiting period, which was already way too long, seemed nothing when Bad Boys 3 was released after a gap of 16 and half years. But again, it will prove itself to be worth the wait. So Bad Boys series has seen a generation growing up.

The possibility of a fourth part

The name of the 3rd part has a lot to say, “Bad Boys for Life.” Well, the name does suggest that there are possibilities that the directors can wrap up the series. A big disappointment for that generation, which did not have a plethora of online streaming platforms, when series were not renewed in a year, and fans had to wait for years to get another glimpse of the movie.

But the possibility of not having the 4th part isn’t acceptable to fans, and yes you have concrete reasons to think like that because Sony had Bad Boys 4 on the plate and they were ready for it too. But the delays in the Bad Boys 3 extended the Bad Boys 4.

If one looks at sony’s official calendar, then we can see that they were planning for its release in July 2019 itself. So one thing can be said for sure that Sony had the Bad Boys 4 in its plates but its a matter of time that we are seeing Bad Boys 3 this time. The movie’s potential and the fane base is hidden from nobody, neither the producers nor Will Smith himself. So trust Will Smith and wait for a while to get a glimpse of the nostalgia.

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