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MIRACLE!!! Woman Born With Two Wombs Gave Birth To Her Lovely Son

A woman who always thought she would never be able to give birth finally gave birth to a baby boy. The worried woman assumed that she could never give birth as she was born with two wombs and always feared it.

The Heartbroken Woman Suffered Six Miscarriages 

Nicola Guinness, 26, has attempted to conceive ever since becoming mature – but has experienced six tragic miscarriages in her journey for babies.

Experts found her unusual diagnosis at the age of 15 – a wall of skin separated her womb, cervix, and privates in two.

Ms. Nicola was told it would be painful for her to conceive because the baby won’t be able to enough oxygen if it joins the band of skin.

The helpless woman requested surgery to remove the band of skin, but experts denied as the surgery might be too risky for her.

Finally, She Got Her Life-Changing Operation

Finally, the woman met with a specialist at Ipswich Hospital who advised her of the life-changing operation.

Just eight months later, Nicola and her husband, Anthony Latta, 31, learned they were expecting a new member.

And with the blessings of God, the couple welcomed their baby Reggie to the world. The Baby boy was on January 10, in a normal and healthy condition.

Speaking to the mother, she said: ‘He’s completely perfect, I can’t stop looking at my baby because for me he is a blessing and he is here after all these struggle years of wanting a baby.

‘Even when he cries, I feel happy because I know I have to cuddle him and make him feel better with my love.

‘I was always sure and never gave up on my dream of becoming a happy mother and I’m so cheering I kept struggling to get the surgery because if I hadn’t suffered the pain from the surgery, I might never have got him.’

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