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Ssscary! Woman Bitten By A Snake While Sitting On A Toilet

A Thai woman shares about her scariest experience, she told that she was in the bathroom when a snake suddenly appeared and bite her as she was sitting on the pot.

She Was In The Toilet When The Snake Bite Her

The woman’s daughter, Chunya Sittiwichai, posted about the scary event on social media, telling her mom was going for her work when suddenly a snake that was hiding in the toilet pot bites into her thigh, according to the reports.

The frightened mom grasped the snake by its head to try to throw it away from her but that just made the snake clamp down harder, she was bleeding from her thighs, according to the reports.

Sittiwichai learned her mom’s yells and broke into the bathroom with a knife and heavy metal to save her mother.

“My mother started being unconscious while the snake proceeded to squeeze her.”

Finally, the mom pushed the snake’s head on the ground and the snake quickly went into the washbasin hole.

The Mother Was Taken To The Hospital After She Was Seen Unconcious

The mother quickly got out of the bathroom and locked the snake inside.

Luckily, the woman lasted after she was taken to the nearby hospital, where her wound was stitched up. She will be discharged after two days from the hospital.

Staff and workers of that place are searching for the snake as they don’t want anyone to be the hunt or victim of the snake.

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