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Texas Nurse Caught Doing Illegal Abortions, Endangering Several Women’s Lives


A Texas nurse may be aborting unborn babies illegally at the Hilltop Women’s abortion facility in El Paso.

The pro-life organization’s new investigation, released Wednesday, includes an audio recording in which a receptionist at the abortion facility admits that a nurse, clinic manager Gloria Martinez, does medicine-induced abortions.

In Texas and most other states, laws require that a licensed doctor do abortions.

“Gloria Martinez is not a licensed physician and should, therefore, not be administering the abortion pill to women in the state of Texas,” said Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico. “Gloria Martinez is placing Texas women’s lives at risk by violating the state’s Health and Safety Code that was put in place to ensure patient safety.”

She said they submitted a complaint to the Attorney General of Texas and the Texas Nursing Board.

In the audio recording, a woman posing as someone seeking a first-trimester abortion calls the Hilltop abortion facility.

“I wanted to schedule an appointment for the abortion pill with your female practitioner. Is her name Gloria Martinez?” the caller asks.

The receptionist confirms that she can schedule an abortion with Martinez. She tells the caller that the abortion costs $550.

“Okay. But definitely then on Monday, I’d be able to see Ms. Martinez? She could give me the pills and that’s fine?” the caller asks.

“Yes,” the receptionist confirms.

“I don’t have to worry about seeing what is it, doctor [abortionist Franz] Theard?” the caller asks.

“Yes,” the receptionist replies.

Later in the call, the receptionist explains that Theard does surgical abortions, but Martinez can do the medicine-induced abortion.

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