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12-Year-Old Boy Nearly Dies After Slipping In Bathroom And Impaling His Backside On A Toilet Brush


A boy in China has nearly died after unexpectedly falling in the bathroom and getting his backside impaled on a toilet brush.

The 12-year-old was saved by late emergency surgery after more than 10 centimeters of the plastic stick rammed into his body, breaking his rectum.

The child had slipped in the shower and landed on the cleaning tool.

The boy’s parent’s rushed him to the Maternity and Child Health Hospital in the city of Nantong just past midnight on December 22.

The hospital said the boy was in a state of shock when he was taken to the hospital.

His excrement had entered his abdominal cavity through the opening on the rectum, triggering a severe infection. 


A team including more than 10 medics was promptly formed to carry out emergency keyhole surgery for the patient, whose identity has not been revealed.

Unlike traditional surgery, which involves a large incision, in a keyhole operation, the surgeon works through small ­incisions, guided by images transmitted from a camera inserted into the body. As the procedure is minimally invasive, the wounds heal faster.

Medics inserted medical tools into the boy through the incision to clean his abdominal cavity again and again, and eventually located the hole, which was at the upper part of his rectum. The part of the rectum had been cut open nearly completely.

The surgery lasted more than four hours and the boy was taken to the Intensive Care Units to be looked after.

The hospital said the child was discharged at the beginning of the month after his condition had become stable.

He is due to undergo further surgery to reverse his colostomy after the function of his rectum returns to normal.

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