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Deadly Virus In China Is Spreading Virus! Over 1700 People Infected

A fatal virus in China may be significantly more widespread than authoritatively reported, according to a disturbing new study.

The mysterious coronavirus, which began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, has already created the death of at least two people.

Wuhan health officials on Saturday verified four more people had contracted the virus — whose symptoms involve difficulty breathing, coughing, and fever — bringing the total number of reported matters to 45-50, Sky News reported.

However, a new study from London’s Imperial College says the exact number of infected could be as high as 1,723 only in the city of Wuhan, the outlet reported. The virus was also discovered in Thailand and Japan in each case in people who had newly visited Wuhan.

“The Wuhan outbreak of a novel coronavirus has likely caused substantially more cases of moderate or severe respiratory illness than currently reported,” media report stated.

The virus is considered to be spread from animals to people, but the Imperial College study told person to person transmission “should not be ruled out.”

On Saturday, health executives in the city confirmed four more people had contracted the sickness. Differing reports now place the total number of diseases at 45 or 50 cases.

Main airports in the United States and Asia have risen screenings of passengers coming in who have moved to the city.

SARS, a different respiratory virus that originated in China, executed around 800 people between 2002-2003.

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