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Decomposed Body Found In Philadelphia In Basement As Deputies Searched For Missing 18-Year-Old

Description of the incident 

Philadelphia prosecutors have recovered a severely decayed dead body in the basement of the apartment with slight cuts on the body of the corpse.

Police have issued a robbery warrant against a person who was present at home.

An eighteen-year-old female went missing too

A particular group of detectives are looking into the case after they received a piece of information about an 18-year-old girl who went missing.

Officers have circulated a robbery warrant on Madison Leidy, who is under custody with four other people.

The body was recovered from the bathtub

Police claimed that they found the shape of a deceased female in the bath of the basement. The age of the victim is not confirmed yet, but she appears to be the age of an 18-year-old girl who went missing.

Charges against the suspects

No charges have been filed against all the men taken into custody, and authorities are questioning them and finding out the truth of the case.

Descriptive Information About The Case:

The search was conducted around 4:45 pm. Philadelphia sheriff Rochelle Bilal said in an interview that, at 2127 Porter St., where deputies went to serve an arrest for Madison Lady released in July 2018 for theft. An SVU also went along as they received a tip on Thursday, stating that a missing 18-year-old woman was inside the address.

Bilal said officers found Lidi and four others. All five were detained while officers attempted to discover what happened.

Bilal said the body was placed in a bathroom in the basement, which was to be taken to the medical examiner’s office. No other details were provided, and there was no word on whether the missing 18-year-old woman was found.

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