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Former Florida Mayor Busted For Alleged Stealing Of $650K From United Way

Florida man hits again.

The ex-mayor of Milton, Fla., was sentenced last week to 51 months in jail and ordered to pay back $650,000 he stole from the United Way.

Guy Thompson, who worked as Milton’s mayor from 1994 to 2014, stole the funds while he was the managing director of the United Way in Santa Rosa County, according to the media reports. Thompson “devised a complex scheme where he kept a part of money intended for use to pay United Way’s usual bills and expenses by replacing it with other donation checks no one at United Way knew about,” the paper stated.

Prosecutors discovered Thompson started stealing the money while serving as mayor in 2011, and he remained the illicit plan for seven years until 2018 when the United Way terminated him.

He utilized the funds to purchase, among other items, a BMW, and a beachfront condo.

Thompson, who was facing life in jail, pleaded guilty last May to 20 counts of wire cheat and three counts of tax evasion.

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