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Here Are The Best And New Releases Movies Every Fans Should Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now.

Amazon Prime is all set with some excellent iconic movies both old and new that will make the fans stay hooked to the big screen. All these movies are highly recommended and are surely a must-watch for movie buffs.

Don’t Forget To Binge-Watch All These Classic Cult Movies That Are All Available in Amazon Prime!

1. A Fistful Of Dollars: A film that made Clint Eastwood a household name as a leading man. The film casts Clint Eastwood as a mysterious gunslinger who pits two feuding families against each other in order to free a small town from their brutal control. The film along with Clint’s portrayal of the gritty “Man With No Name” led to both critical and commercial success for the film, and paved way for two back to back sequels: For A Few Dollars More and the acclaimed The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The film is a classic film.

2. Platoon: A film based war is one of a kind. The film revolves around a U.S. Army soldier during the Vietnam War. He is soon thrust into a battle near the Cambodian border and caught between two rival officers all hungry for control of his platoon. The film went on to become e a huge box office success as well.

3. Hereditary: This film had a very unique approach towards the horror genre. The film revolves around Annie Graham (Toni Collette) who struggles to process her feelings while maintaining some semblance of order in her household. After another tragedy strikes her family, however, Annie can barely keep herself together, and her condition worsens as strange occurrences plague her and her family. Hereditary is a uniquely crafted horror movie, with a tight yet twisted plot and skillful camerawork that sells some truly grotesque moments.

4. The Disaster Artist: This film is one of James Franco’s best. The Disaster Artist is an artful stroke of comedy. The film revolves around in Hollywood heavyweight who tells about the making of The Room, an infamously bad movie from oddball auteur Tommy Wiseau. Franco himself plays Wiseau himself, mimicking his weird mannerisms and speech to a T, while his brother Dave plays Wiseau’s best friend, Greg Sestero who is also the author of the memoir upon which the film is based. The film also has some other notable actors as well including Seth Rogen.

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