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Kate Woods, Messiah’ Director Tells The Netflix Show Created To Be Controversial Amid Criticism That It Demonizes Muslims.

The Netflix show The Messiah has been gaining quite the attention right from its release. However, the show has been the subject of some negative criticism as well. Some fans have claimed that the shows have been racially biased and have taken some stereotypical stances as well.

Is Netflix Going To Shut Down The Show Messiah Due To Negative Controversy?

Director Kate Woods has opened up about the accusations. She said that they wanted to be truthful to the story and they were all prepared to take on whatever that controversy is. She is denying these allegations of the show being anti-Islamic in nature and spreading wrong propaganda.

Further, they said that they can’t make something like this and not ruffle some feathers, Woods told in an exclusive interview with Insider. According to the team, that is the whole idea of the show. According to the director, they must be doing something and the controversy must be a part of it.

Director Kate Woods Opened Up About The Allegations Against The Show!

Netflix also opened up about the allegations saying that the show is purely a piece of fiction. It has nothing to do with any particular figure or religion. Woods has further supported the streaming service saying that they cast from all over the world. The casting is authentic according to the director.

The controversy has created quite a stir online. There is even a petition that is urging the makers and the streaming service to shut down the show. Then show has according to these people, anti-Islamic propaganda. The director praised Netflix’s whole philosophy is really refreshing and makes them really wonderful to work for. Kate further said that the streaming services are a champion and beacon of hope for women. Let us see of this statement helps to change the mind of the people behind the petition.

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