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Life Of Puerto Rican Astrologer ‘Walter Mercado’ Arriving On Netflix With ‘Mucho Mucho Amor’

Walter Mercardo was a famous astrologer who’s horoscopes had brought Mucho Mucho Amor to households across the whole of Latin America and the United States for decades now. Walter was a beloved Puerto Rican astrologer who unfortunately passed away in November, but a documentary, namely Mucho Mucho Amor, which throws a spotlight on his life, is coming to the streaming platform Netflix very soon as is announced by the company earlier on Friday.

Walter Mecardo was a very famous astrologer, and now Netflix is producing a film about him!

Walter Mercado has appeared on TV Shows and various radio segments for more than 30 years. He defied traditional gender roles while delivering his reading that had a dramatic flair and was dressed in heavily decorated robes or capes. He was watched every day by over one hundred and twenty million people according to the estimates.

But in the year 2007, Walter vanished from the public eye mysteriously. Christina Constantini is one of this upcoming film’s director, and she said that he is some sort of an Oprah plus Mr. Rogers and a teeny tiny bit of Liberace mixed up. Constantini, with her co-director Kareem Tabsch and also producer Alex Fumero, worked all together to find him, and for the last two years, they were quite successful in documenting his life.

Christina Constantini said that she, with her colleagues, found Walter out and kept an eye on him!

CNN was updated by Constantini that Walter is incredibly trained in media, and as they have spent so much time with him, they were able to meet the man behind the cape and show who he is. This new film is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next week and is described as a love letter to Mercado.

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