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Little Boy Cannot Eat His Favorite Baked Beans Because Of The Fear He Could Die

A little boy who loves to eat baked beans could die or be left with brain damage if he eats his favorite baked beans more than five a day.

The Boy Was Suffering From Rare Disorder

Two-year-old Oliver Simpson has a genetic disorder named Phenylketonuria, which suggests the little boy can only have 6g of protein in a single day – any more could prove deadly.

Baked beans are the toddler’s preferred food, but they’re much off-limits, as are other foods such as chicken, fish, fruits, milk, eggs, and even yogurt.

The condition – identified as PKU – is so rare and unique too that it only affects 50,000 people worldwide, and it suggests that little Oliver is powerless even to eat sweets.

Even The Traditional Christmas Dinner was Off-limit For Him

His body is weak to break down phenylalanine – an amino acid got in protein-rich food. It’s also gained form the things like pasta and sweet potatoes, as well as chicken – even a traditional Christmas dinner was completely off-limits for the little boy.

If he ates the substance off-limits, his body would be incapable of breaking it down, indicating it would just build up in his blood – this can point to seizures, tumors, brain damage, delayed cerebral development, and finally death.

Mum Jade, 27, said: “I have to be very strict with Oliver and his food. He doesn’t get, as he’s so young, but eating the wrong food could point to brain damage, or even worse.”

She proceeded: “You’re always prying about what everyone else is having and desire to try it. But the truth is that it could make you really unwell.”

Jade is also mother to Angel Rose, six, who doesn’t have a rare condition.

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