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Mother Gave 15-Year-Old Son A Deadly Cocktail Combination Of Alcohol, Jailed For 10 Years


Holly Strawbridge, 34, from Salcombe, Devon is found guilty of giving her son a fatal cocktail of alcohol and drug which took his life.

Holly, her son and her friends were having drinks together

holly, Tyler Peck and one of her friend were having drinks, sniffing aerosol in the kitchen. the mother of the teen was so much indulged in drinking that added drug into the drink of her son and later claimed that they were drinking morphine and tyler added the drug.

how tyler died

after drinking, tyler went to sleep and unfortunately, he never saw the next morning due to intaking fatal amount of drug which was prescribed to his mother. According to the reports, the amount of anyone the one drug alone was enough to kill an individual.

Charges for the crime

prosecutors jailed holly for ten years for intentionally committing the crime.

the judge who was appointed for the case stated:

‘That ill-treatment consisted of the supply and indeed, encouragement of you for them to take your prescription drugs. ‘That took place during the course of an evening of drinking at your house, an evening during the course of which you yourself were heavily under the influence of certainly alcohol and who knows whether drugs as well. ‘The risk of serious injury to both those young boys was obvious. The consequences to Tyler, of course, were fatal.’

Judge Darlow added: ‘It can’t be said that the events of that night were a one-off, tragic incident where nothing of the sort had ever happened before.

Father and the brother of the victim thanked the judge for serving the justice to them and punishing holly for her deeds.

They added: ‘Tyler was funny, affectionate and caring. He was one of the lads, protective, loving and unique, and we miss him dearly. ‘We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the support we have had over the last ten months since Tyler passed away and thank everyone involved in this case. You have all done Tyler proud. ‘Unfortunately, this trial was never going to bring our Tyler back, but we are glad that justice has finally been served and we can now try to find a way to move forward.’



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