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Motorcyclist Left With One Eye After Oncoming Car Threw A ‘Egg’ On Him

A motorcyclist has forever lost the sight in his right eye after he was hit by an egg thrown from an approaching car. Marc Toone told he could easily have been expired after the mindless act as he traveled home from his work as a chef. The dad-of-one was hurried to hospital after the episode last Friday, where he underwent seven hours of surgery.

Medics were still eliminating fragments of eggshells in a second operation but have unhappily been unable to save his sight. Marc, 31, said he was moving with his visor up along Newton Lane, Wigston, Leicestershire, at 11.15 pm on January 10th.

He added: ‘There was a vehicle coming near me with its headlights on full beam. I flashed him, but they remained on full beam.’

Marc told him he couldn’t see it because of the lights. He continued: ‘I felt something hit my eye, but moved on. It seemed wet on my cheek and chin and on the inside of my jacket. ‘I managed to draw over and shone a torch on my hand, and it was coated in blood where I had been wiping my eye.

‘I had my visor up as it would have fogged up with the temperature that evening.’ Marc’s fiancée Sarah Simms and boy Callum, 11, rushed to the scene and caught him ‘howling in pain.’ His initial emergency operation took four hours, and he was discharged from Leicester Royal Infirmary on Sunday when, he said, reality started to dawn.

Marc added: ‘I put a brave face on and broke a few jokes and a smile, that’s the way I am. ‘But I won’t be permitted to ride a motorbike again, and I don’t know what’s occurring with my job. ‘A couple of family members came over to see me, and I was quite distraught, really upset. ‘I went into a downward spiral,’ he added.

He experienced a second procedure on Wednesday, and what should have been 45 minutes took over two-and-a-half hours.

Marc said that Callum is smashed by the attack on his dad.

He is presently on ill leave from his work at The Yews pub restaurant in Great Glen but says he may not be capable of returning. Marc is also bother as the bills still have to be paid, and he faces rehabilitation and adaptions to his house and lifestyle.

He added: ‘The people who do these crazy things need to realize the impact on their victim and their family and what they have to put up with for the rest of their lives. ‘If they do it again, the next person on a motorbike might crash their motorcycle, and they might not get up again. ‘I could easily have been killed that evening. I could have been left for lifeless. I request all motorcyclists to use anti-fog spray and keep their visors down on all occasions.’

A 17-year-old, held in Staffordshire on Saturday on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm, has since been issued on police bond. On Monday, Leicestershire Cops said that it had taken a number of calls from members of the public since Friday’s incident, reporting they had been targeted in a comparable fashion, in the Wigston and Market Harborough areas.

A force spokeswoman said deputies were not aware of any of those incidents resulting in injury to the sufferers. The inquiry into Friday’s incident remains ongoing, and officers continue to appeal to anyone with any knowledge to make contact.

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