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Surgeon Accused Of Physically Abusing A Woman And Making Physical Relationship With He Without Proper Protection

A hospital specialist ‘deceived’ a woman into having unprotected intimate by making her think he was using protection, a court heard. Matthew Sewell, 40, is said to have recognized she ‘was upset about’ a previous occasion when they hadn’t used the protection and is now on trial accused of molestation.

His claimed victim, then 23, met him through Tinder, where he falsely claimed to be 27, almost a decade younger than his actual age at the time, jurors were told. They first got collectively in a bar in Middlesbrough, and the lady subsequently invited Sewell to her home in January 2017, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Later a few drinks, the pair moved to her bedroom, with jurors being told the lady was happy to have physical relationship‘on condition that he wore a protection.’

Prosecutor Paul Abrahams told them: ‘Previously they had unprotected intercourse, which she was upset regarding. ‘When she handed Mr. Sewell the protection, he didn’t say anything to her. He took the protection quickly and turned his back to her.

‘It seemed to her like he was putting the protection on. If she had known Mr. Sewell hadn’t been wearing protection, she would not have consented to intercourse.’ Jurors were told it was only thereafter that the woman realized ‘no effort had been made to use it.’

Mr. Abrahams reported the court Sewell, then working at James Cook University Hospital, later confirmed ‘he had done wrong and effectively pleaded with her not to report him’.

Sewell was said to have told her ‘it would ruin his profession’, the Daily Mail reported.

He later got in touch requesting she get checked out because one of his past partners had informed him she’d contracted a physically transmitted infection, the prosecutor said. The court discovered the complainant then ‘put it to Mr. Sewell that he had deceived her into believing he had worn a protection.’

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