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Utah Teen Brutally Killed 5 Family Members, Including 3 Minors

A teen boy is accused of killing his five family members, including three children. The incident wounded a relative too. Utah community was left shocked after this incident.

Victims include one male, two females and one adult female

the deceased person includes a young male, two juvenile females and an adult female who died because of gunshot injury.

The suspect is taken into custody

police took the suspect into the custody for interrogation. an injured member of the family drove the suspect to the officers.

the male adult of the family who drove the suspect to the police also informed them about the incident.

The victim is in stable condition

the suspect and the person who drove to the hospital are unharmed. The victim is still unconscious but is in stable condition now.

“There are no words to describe our heartbreak and grief,” said Jason Killian, president of the Church of Latter-Day Saints stake the family belonged to, in a statement. “We are devastated and so deeply saddened by what has occurred. We love this family, and will support them and the rest of this small community as we mourn together.”

reportedly the adult man got injured after the female and children were shot dead, and the adult who drove the victim to the police station was also wounded later.

Charges against the suspect

The suspect is charged with four counts of aggravated homicide and one count of attempted murder.

There is no information about the reason behind the shoot, and neither the age of the victims are released, nor the relationship between the victims and the attacker is clear.

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