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Heartbreaking Moment Mother Dies After Giving Birth To Her Second Child

A Kindhearted mother-of-two who was performing as a surrogate for her best friend has died after enduring difficulties during the birth of her second baby.

The Story Of The Mother Didn’t End Well

It was the second time When Michelle Reaves of California had brought a baby for the family, but the story didn’t end well.

According to an Online Funding made to support and help Ms. Reaves’s husband and their kids, Luckily, the baby survived, but the poor woman Michelle did not”.

“I can’t even start to think what her husband Chris and her two kids are suffering and going through,” close friend Jaime Herwehe said in a social post.”

The mother, who was reported as having “Kindhearted, most sarcastic and funny character,” She has gone by leaving behind her two kids Gage and Monroe, along with their father.

Tributes To The Mother

My heart pains after knowing they won’t grow old with their Mother,” Ms. Herwehe said in a social media post. It’s even difficult for all of us to live our lives with our mother.

After her death on Wednesday, friends, families, and strangers have raised over $46,000 by the online funding page.

“The mother was doing such a wonderful thing assisting another family has babies,” one woman in a social media post. “It’s terrible that her surrogacy run ended this way.

Tragically, Ms. Reaves’s death isn’t the first in the process of surrogacy.

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