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Here’s What Happened In The End In Netflix Original Grace And Frankie (Season 6)

All the people who have watched Grace and Frankie know that over the last six seasons, the show has established a familiar finale trope. Each season ended with a shot of Grace and Frankie sitting on the beach outside of their home while they consider what the future has in store for them.

Many fans could not understand what did the ending of Grace and Frankie season 6 meant!

However, if you guys have seen the sixth installment already, you would know that it’s ending offers us a different twist on this format, which is unlike the previous ones. This new style establishes a unique and fun formula for the seventh and final season of the show.

After they made their Shark Tank debacle and found that Nick (a character performed by Peter Gallagher) has approximately 50 thousand dollars in his sofa, Grace (enacted by Jane Fonda) and Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin) head to the beach together to discuss their next move.

Season 6 ended while telling us that these ladies’ former husbands will eventually have to move in with them because their house blew up!

They step towards their usual wooden chairs and instead find their former husbands, Robert (a role enacted by Martin Sheen) and Sol (played by Sam Waterston) sitting in those. The guys explained to their previous wives that the general prototype of The Rise Up toilet that Frankie gifted to these men has exploded and also flooded their house and made it uninhabitable until they actually get it fixed.

As the guys find themselves temporarily homeless, Robert and Sol take a decision to move in with Grace and Frankie until the house they live in gets fixed that might pave a way to set up a potentially hilarious seventh installment where Grace and Frankie have to adopt a lifestyle where they adjust with their former husbands for the first time in many years.

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