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PURE LOVE!! Woman Found Dead Out Of Trauma Four Days After Her Boyfriend Was Found Dead

According to a report, on Wednesday, the body of a woman who is from Northern California discovered dead inside her house after officials asked to conduct a welfare analysis.

FOX 40 of Sacramento reported, an investigation unveiled later that the woman had been dating a man who is 59-year-old whose body was discovered hanging from a tree as well as Interstate 80 four days earlier in likely self-destruction.

The woman’s dead body was found with significant trauma

According to the information which is provided by the sources, the hanging place was less than a mile from the woman’s house. Detectives consider the woman was killed because her body presented signs of significant injury.

Lt. Wesley Herman of the Citrus Heights police said the station, ‘During the course of our search many factors led us to conclude that this was, in fact, a murder.’

The FOX 40 report explained that Citrus Heights is the Sacramento area where the woman endured. She was last noticed alive around Jan. 8, about a week before she was discovered lifeless.

The woman had an off-and-on relationship with the man

According to the police, the couple was considered to have an off-and-on relationship and lived together in the Citrus Heights apartment at least some of that time.

Investigators said FOX 40, little is understood so far about the conditions that pointed to the deaths.

A source reported, the man was known as Robert Rankin, but the woman’s name was not revealed. Rankin was involved in criminal cases in Sacramento County between 2002 and 2004, comprising facing two counts of making felonious frightens to cause death or significant physical injury, but the accusations were later lowered to crimes.

According to the report, Officials state they have been having interviews with family members, relatives, bystanders, and other people who knew the couple’s situation before their death what happened with them.

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