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RIP; Couple Married For 65 Years Die On The Same Day Next To Each Other

A couple who had been collectively for nearly 65 years have expired on the same day at a St. Louis-area hospital. Jack and Harriet Morrison’s beds were placed next to each other in their last hours, enabling them to hold hands, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Eighty-six-year-old Jack fell first. Harriett, who was 83, expired later on January 11.

“I’m sad. But I understand they’re at peace and they’re back commonly,” said Sue Wagener, a niece built by the Morrisons. “It actually was a love story for the books.”

The pair went on their first date on Halloween of 1955. “They went to a tiny diner and never separated from that day on,” Wagener said. They espoused about six months later.

They met as Harriett followed her father on a trip with the drum and bugle corp he performed in. Jack was behind the wheel of a private bus that drove the group to some of its shows.

Collectively, the couple ran and grew V-K Bus Lines while building Wagener and their two sons.

They were going Moolah Shriners, a fraternal order devoted to philanthropy, and traveled the world next to each other, often on Shrine-related trips, including to Europe and Australia.

“You didn’t see Jack unless you noticed Harriet,” said Wayne Price, a fellow Shriner.

Nearly a year ago, Harriet tripped while walking their dog, smashing her pelvis and hip, Wagener said. She had madness and moved into The Woodlands of Arnold nursing house and rehabilitation center.

Meantime, Jack was having trouble existing at home. Wagener said she talked him into going into a villa at the Woodlands in May. In September, he also fell, breaking his neck. He then moved into the hospital, four doors down the hall from his woman.

Even then, they would relax together, one in a wheelchair, the other in bed — their hands twisted.

“Some days she remembered him; other days she didn’t,” said Wagener.

Wagener told she told Jack on Christmas Eve that Harriet had quit eating and drinking. He barely ate or drank later that.

At approximately 11 p.m. on January 10, she got a call from a nurse telling Harriet appeared close to death. The nurse required if staff could move furniture out of Jack’s room so the couple could be together.

Wagener told there was nothing she’d love more.

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