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Shocking!!! Mother Finds Two Dead bodies In Her Garden

Sue Bramley, 51, was terrified when the police officer arrived at her house after a complaint of the dead bodies that were found in the garden.

Two Dead Bodies Were Discovered In The Garden

She had laid the parts after plants and flowers failed to grow on the piece of land in Backwoods Town, Notts.

But, when officials turned up looking for the bodies of past owners Patricia and William Wycherley, they opened a 3ft-profound grave.

The mother told in a news report: “I turned out badly after seeing the dead bodies in my garden.

“I was so disturbed to imagine that those two poor elderly people had been covered in my garden for a long time.”

She continued: “I watched in concern as their dog hounds while focusing on that specific area of the garden, where we’d always been unable to grow flowers and plants.

The couple was murdered by their girl Susan Edwards, 56, and her partner Christopher, 57, in May 1998.

The Girl later sold the older couple’s home, reported neighbors.

A court heard how the debt-ridden Edwards turned up £245,000 through the time of 15-year fraud by assuming the couple was still alive.

After a lot of investigation into the matter, The police officer has finally arrested the girl and his partner in October 2014.

The couple was later sentenced to life with at least 25 years at Nottingham Crown Court.

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