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Woman Expelled From Her Job At Bank After She Gave $20 To A Needy

An Oregon lady claims she was fired from her bank job later, helping a struggling customer get home to his family on Christmas Eve by providing him $20 of her own money.

Emily James served as a senior banker at a U.S. Bank call center in Portland when she got a call from a customer last month whose paycheck had been put on hold, The Oregonian reported.

James served to help Marc Eugenio, a Clackamas resident, a getaway to the more than $1,000 that should have been in his account before calling him to go to his local bank the next day to get the money freed by a manager.

The next day, on Christmas Eve, Eugenio visited his local branch, but because of the holiday, no one was ready to help him.

A devasted Eugenio declared the 1-800 line from a gas station where, according to report, he was stranded with no cash to fill his tank to get home.

He asked to speak to James, explaining what had occurred before adding: “I wish I had just 20 bucks to get home.”

James, understanding how close the man was, decided to act.

Eugenio told the paper that the lady from the call center told him to wait for help, as she was only miles away.

“I didn’t want her to do it,” he said. “But I’m not proud to the point that I’m going to refuse help.”

According to the report, James told her she got authority from her supervisor to drive out.

“I handed him $20 in cash, said ‘Merry Christmas’ and went right back to work,” she said.

But days next, on Dec. 31, she was notified by a service manager that her work had been terminated because of her “unauthorized interaction with clients.” James informed the paper that her supervisor was also dismissed, although this was not verified.

In a comment to the New York Post, a spokesperson told that James was fired after putting “herself and the bank at risk.”

“At U.S. Bank, we have cops and procedures in place to guard our customers and employees,” the comment read. “Ms. James was terminated following an internal inquiry into her interactions with a customer.

Throughout this review, it was determined Ms. James did not use the available solutions to remedy the customer’s situation and rather put herself and the bank at risk with her actions.”

Eugenio said he feels sad that James lost her job trying to help, but James appeared to not mind after seeing how the condition was handled.

“I don’t believe I would want to continue to serve for someone who would do that,” she told The Oregonian.

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