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Women in a Bigamist Wedding, a Teacher, and an Instructional Aide Were Caught and Charged With Continuous Physical Abuse of a Minor

Two workers of the Del Norte County School school system who, along with a third lady, considered themselves wedded to the same man, were arrested Friday, January 17, on the charge of Continuous Physical Abuse of Child.

One of the workers, a second-grade educator at Pine Grove Elementary, Kathy Fuson, age 60, is being held on a $250,000 bond.

The other worker, a special education instructional assistant, Katlin Janice Nole, age 43, is being held on one million dollar bond.

According to the letter mailed out by the principal of Pine Grove on Friday afternoon, as well as other references, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s deputies gave up on the elementary school campus just later classes let out on Friday. There they held Fuson. The principal states in her letter that a replacement teacher will be brought to take over Fuson’s classroom “until further notice.”

We have also been informed that Katlin Nole was arrested at the High School by Crescent City Police, but we have not been able to verify that with witnesses.

The two ladies are both in a relationship with a man they call their hubby, Joe Nole. Fuson claims to have married him in a Facebook post.

In January of 2017, the identical Joe Nole posted a photo of himself and three ladies, two of whom are Kathy Fuson and Katlin Nole. He states, “that’s the wives” and me with the photo.

Jody Allen Nole is currently detained at High Desert State Prison located in Susanville, California. He joined the prison in June of 2019 and is scheduled for parole in June of 2021. We have not been capable of learning the exact charges of which he was sentenced.

The two ladies, Fuson and Nole, are still in the Del Norte County prison as of early Sunday, January 19.

Nole is presently listed as being in Pelican Bay Prison. We don’t know if the initially listing was incorrect or if he was gone.

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