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13 Reasons Why Season 4: 3 Ways Katherine Langford’s Hannah Baker Could Get Back Into The Storyline

The show so far has outperformed every other contemporary sitcom in a similar genre, and the credit goes to the outstanding cast and well-crafted storyline touching hearts. The show has shown the dark side of the modern world, where everything appears so fresh and happening on the surface, but deep down wounds are getting cancerous. The series talks about suicide, and a brilliant message has been sent by the show as to how youngsters, their parents, and society, in general, should see depression and suicide.

Is there any change in the cast?

Going through season 3, one can comfortably say there are minimal chances of altering the cast. The cast more or less is going to be the same as the predictable storyline doesn’t seem to justify any alterations in the cast. The show so far has seen some outstanding acting of Alex (Miles Heizer), Jessica (Alisha Boe). This season isn’t going to feature Bryce Walker, as his grave was shown in the third season, so the only possibility of him surfacing again is in the flashbacks, the way Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) used to appear.

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The possible plot of the story

Bryce Walker’s death has raised many eyebrows, and his killing has been subjected to a lot of speculations. The fans are waiting to see the fourth season and get a glimpse of the possible storyline which could narrate the possible reason as to how he was killed. This very fact has the potential to take the story forward and add a new aspect to this thrilling series. So far, Hannah Baker’s death mystery has intrigued the fans.

But the real mystery is centered around the fact if Katherine Langford’s Hannah Baker could get back into the storyline, and this can only be cleared when the producers or the actress herself can clarify. But as we have seen in the last season that she wasn’t there, so chances are quite less that she will feature again in the show. The storyline would’ve accommodated her as her character is fluidic.

The die-hard fans don’t have to get disappointed with it as there are rumors too that she can return to the show as the final season is going to be aired, and her character has a separate fan base also. So fan love can make her change the decision, and she can step into the boat for one last time, but still, speculations aren’t fact. Although the final decision is with Netflix, there could be a possibility that they don’t want to reveal the real facts at this point, and a pleasant surprise might be waiting for the fans.

It will be a fete for die-hard fans of 13 Reasons Why to see Hannah Baker coming back in the finale, and even we are hoping if a decision in this regard is made asap and we can inform you with exact details.

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