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A Woman Killed Her Mother, Kept Murder Secret From Family For Months By Texting From Victim’s Phone


A 50-year-old woman arrested for supposedly killing her 69-year-old mother and then utilizing the latter’s mobile phone to send text messages to family members to make it seem as if she was still alive, police told.

The accused has recognized as 50-year-old Carol Rey.

Deputies from the Roseville Police Department went to a home in the 29000 Block of Congress Street, Roseville, at about 10 am on January 14 after the victim’s family called them for a welfare check on their grandmother, according to the Detroit Free Press.

When they asked Rey, she was evasive regarding the location of her mother, and so, they got a warrant to search the residence.  The same afternoon, they discovered the older woman’s corpse in a large plastic storage container in the garage.

They subsequently discovered that she had murdered after she was shot in the back of the head sometime in November 2019 and told her body was later moved to the garage, which detached from the primary residence.

They further told that Rey succeeded in hiding her mother’s death from other family members by using the slain woman’s phone to send text messages. They also said that Rey proceeded to make transactions on the 69-year-old’s financial accounts.

Charges And Sentences

Rey captured in association with the murder, and another 34-year-old man, reportedly an acquaintance, was also arrested for questioning but was later released.

The 50-year-old was charged on January 17 at Macomb County’s 39th District Court and bears charges of first-degree murder, felony firearm, and theft of $20,000 or more. She was refused bond throughout the hearing and is listed to return for her next appearance on January 29.

If convicted of her first-degree murder, Rey bears life in prison.

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