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Monster Father Abandoned His 1-Year-Old Son On Subway Platform

According to the authority, a 27 years old man who is from West Bright was detained and accused after doing wrong with his child.

Early Saturday morning, the brutal father had ostensibly left his 1-year-old son on a Bronx subway platform.

Moster father left the baby in below-freezing temperatures 

New York City Police Department representative revealed that the 27 years old man Dondre Hunter is a resident of Bodine Street who has ostensibly left the baby in below-freezing temperatures between 2 and 3 a.m. at the Burnside Avenue platform.

The brutal father lived in Bodine Street, and he even did not think what he was going to do with his innocent child, who is just one year old.

When he left his child on the Burnside Avenue platform, their below-freezing temperatures made the Lil boy’s situation very emotional.

According to a report, a commuter saw the 1-year-old child who was alone nobody with him at about 3:40 a.m.

Monster father caught by the police

The representative told that the commuter brought the child to a nearby police area. The one-year-old child seemed uninjured and was sent to a regional hospital.

According to the information which is provided by the sources, the authority stated that the official caught up with Hunter at the 125th Street Station in Manhattan, which is about five miles away.

The monster father charged the Staten Islander with the abandonment of a child and illegal possession of narcotics.

There is no clarification that Hunter hired a lawyer as of Sunday night.

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