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Netflix’s Spenser Confidential: Post Malone, Mark Wahlberg In Trailer For Action Movie

The beloved singer, songwriter, and rapper Post Malone performs a prisoner as we can see in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix action-comedy movie Spenser Confidential.

The movie Spenser Confidential directed by Peter Berg, where Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin, and Iliza Shlesinger feature in the film. The movie will hit Netflix on March 6th this year.

What kind of role Post-Malone and Mark Wahlberg have in the movie?

The video starts with jailed Boston investigator Spenser (Wahlberg) getting into a fight with a bunch of co-inmates.

When he’s freed from prison and links up with his old mentor and boxing coach, Henry (Arkin), and a new friend, aspiring MMA battler Hawk (Duke).

While two of Spenser’s ex co-workers wind up killed, he teams with Hawk and foul-mouthed ex-girlfriend Cissy (Shlesinger) to solve the case.

Spenser says Hawk, describing some backstory, Picture this: dirty polices, narcotic, and some big diplomats all working together.’

‘When I was the police, I was trying to take these guys down, but they framed me.’

In the trailer, Post Malone also seems later throughout another scene at the jail, frightening speaking Wahlberg’s character, ‘You are about to walk barefoot through the doors of hell.’

Spenser Confidential is the fifth alliance between Berg and Wahlberg

The upcoming movie Spenser Confidential is the fifth alliance between Berg and Wahlberg, after 2013’s Lone Survivor, 2016’s Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day and 2018’s Mile 22.

Spenser Confidential based on Ace Atkins’ best-selling 2013 novel, Robert B. Parker’s Wonderland, also highlights Marc Maron, Bokeem Woodbine, and Cassie Ventura amid its cast.

The movie is an action-comedy where Spenser gets out of jail and chooses to leave Boston for welfare. He is a former officer better recognized for making a problem than puzzle out it.

Although when two of Spenser’s ex co-workers turn up murdered, he hires a no-nonsense slugger named Hawk (Winston Duke) and his crude ex-girlfriend Cissy (Iliza Shlesinger) to support him investigate and take the criminals to trial.

Wahlberg and Duke look like fun comrades

The film also presents Alan Arkin as Spenser’s former boxing trainer and Bokeem Woodbine.

Wahlberg and Duke seem like fun partners. One’s the sweet wise-ass, the other is a clumsy force of nature.

You have seen Shlesinger just running speedily, Arkin taking the brunt of the ‘old person’ gags, and the light of sunshine that is Maron.

Moreover, Brian Helgeland co-wrote the screenplay, which typically predicts nicely. Post Malone is going by his original name of Austin Post here, so keep some respect on his name.

The movie Spenser Confidential will hit Netflix this year on March 6. We can not wait for it to be their most-watched film of the year next to Adam Sandler‘s Hubie Halloween, certainly.

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