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Two Suspects Accused of Molesting Minor, Kill Her Mother While Out on Bail


The law enforcers in Kanpur have detained two suspects involved in the deadly attack on a victim’s mother.

During a brief encounter, the two offenders, Parvez and Mohammed Abid were shot by the police on their legs.

Parvez and Abid have been exposed to the Kanshi Ram hospital in the Ramadevi area of the city.

The enforcers said that both were listed along with four others in the FIR lodged at Chakeri police station on Jan. 9.

On Jan. 17, the abused victim’s mother, who was mercilessly attacked by two of the five accused, died after battling for seven days in the hospital.

In 2018, five men had molested a 13-year old minor girl in Kanpur. While the policemen arrested them in 2018, all were reportedly given bail by a local court in 2019.

Take Back The Statements

The men reportedly overpowered the woman and her offspring to take back the allegations in the abuse case against them. When the woman declined, the accused brutally attacked her with sticks and stones on Jan. 10, outside her Kanpur residence.

Since then, they had purportedly made infrequent attempts to drive the abuse victim to take back her statements, but she also refused to do so.

The husband of the deceased said: “My wife and daughter had gone to the dentist. That is when the accused attempted to attack them. There is already a case lodged against these men. My son and I were at the shop when the attack took place.”

The victim’s brother added that the accused had been forcing her to take back their statements.

“There were at least ten men who invade into our house and mercilessly dragged my sister outside the apartment. These men brutally attacked them,” he said, adding that the attackers had threatened to kill the mother-daughter if they did not withdraw the case.

Uttar Pradesh DGP O.P. Singh stated that enforcement would examine the matter.

“We are probing the matter and ensure strict punishment for the accused.”

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