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43-Year-Old Arizona Mother Vanishes While On A Vacation In Belize

An Arizona lady has gone disappeared while vacationing in Belize.

Media reports that 43-year-old Alison MacKenzie disappeared on Saturday morning from a small island off the coast of Belize.

MacKenzie was going with her lover Paige Rote, who last saw her on Friday evening while they were tenting with a group of other adventurers at Rendezvous Cay, a small island off the coast of mainland Belize.

“They’re doing searches,” Allison’s mom Cherie MacKenzie told the media on Monday.

“So far, they haven’t appeared up with anything. We’re worried she somehow ended up in the ocean and is gone.”

The mom told the newspaper that the Coast Guard was expected to call off the search on Monday evening if MacKenzie wasn’t found, and authorities don’t have the jurisdiction to help with the investigation.

“Unless for some reason [federal officials] came to us and said something occurred in Prescott that we require to examine, it’s a type of out of our hands,” Sgt. Gary Novak by the Prescott Police Department told the local newspaper.

MacKenzie has been a citizen of Prescott since 1998 and reportedly has two grown children.

In a separate event, a local teenage girl was reported missing on Saturday. Jareth Herrera, 16, was last noticed on Friday daybreak when she walked from her home to attend class in Orange Walk, according to the local newspaper.

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