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A Texas Woman Hit Her Husband With Stun Gun After Catching Him Red Handed With His Mistress

A Texas woman supposedly hit her husband with a stun gun after seeing him at a nightclub with his mistress.


24-year-old Irlanda Parra hit her husband with a stun gun after spotting him at Jefe’s restaurant in Wichita Falls, Texas, with his mistress.

Parra’s husband, who was not named, said to the officers that Parra, who is the mother of his child, was in the parking lot of the restaurant—which runs as a club on weekends—with a stun gun.

When officers came, they discovered various people in a dispute and a gold vehicle attempting to leave the scene.

When an officer halted a vehicle that Parra was driving, she insisted that she had come to collect her husband, but then his girlfriend and her friends had attempted to attack her. Parra asked that she then pulled out a stun gun and aimed it at the woman and her friends.

Parra later modified her story from initially alleging her husband had called her for a ride to then telling that a friend had notified her that he was at the club with another woman. She stated that she had gone there to face them.

The man replied he had been attempting to leave the club with his girlfriend when Parra came and blocked his vehicle from getting out of the parking lot.

He insisted that she attempted to use the stun gun on him and the woman he was with, revealing police the redness of his hands where he stated that the weapon had hit him.

Charges And Sentences

Irlanda Parra detained when police were invited to the restaurant at about 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Parra charged with attack causing bodily injury family violence, online records from the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office show. She was booked into prison on a $2,000 bond on Sunday and freed later that day.

Parra had given a protective order in October last year against an unnamed man who had been harassing and frightening her when she registered a claim for child support.

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