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Evil Mother Kills Her Offsprings, Propping Their Bodies To Look Like They Are Asleep

According to the officials and court records, on Tuesday, the cop arrested a young mother on suspicion of choking her three young kids to death, one at a time.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Mercedes Fortune told that the 22 years old Rachel Henry was charged into the Maricopa County prison on three counts of first-degree murder following confessing she had hurt the kids.

Henry had confessed to intentionally choking kids

According to the court records, she was being kept instead of a bond of $3 million. The father,30, and a relative,49, known in court records as the owner of the home and an aunt were also taken for interrogation.

The authority initially told the cause of the kids’ deaths had still to find, and there were no apparent signs of injury.

Henry had confessed to intentionally choking each kid – two girls, aged seven months and a year, and a 3-year-old boy – beginning with the older daughter, a likely cause statement recorded in court by the cop and later made public revealed.

Henry brutally attacked her three kids

Later, Henry put all three kids on the living room sofa as if they were resting without saying either of the two other adults in the home what had occurred, according to the statement.

Police stated they went on Monday night to the house following answer to an emergency call from a relative inside and saw the three kids who were declared dead at the scene.

The authority offered no reasonable cause for the murders. Still, court records indicated one of the other adults in the home as having said police that Henry had an addiction to narcotics and had been pretending odd the prior some days.

A source told the family later went to Arizona from Oklahoma.

It was unclear if Henry had a lawyer.

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