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Monster Mother Arrested For Murder After Two Toddlers And One Baby Found Dead Inside Home

An Arizona woman is in prison for the deaths of her three children, according to Phoenix officials.

Media reports that authorities arrived at a home near 24th Street and Vineyard in Pheonix on Monday night after a call regarding “unknown trouble.” When first responders found three unresponsive kids in the living room, their 22-year-old mother explained that the children had been feeling ill all day.

First responders tried CPR, then pronounced all three children fell at the scene.

Phoenix Fire officials reportedly explained the scene as a “drowning situation,” but officials later retracted the statement and said the mother confessed to killing the children. There were no certain signs of trauma on the kids’ bodies.

“We know that based on what [the] mom is saying, that she did harm her children,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune told.

The sufferers have been identified as a 3-year-old boy, a 2-year-old girl, and a 7-month-old girl. Their names are not acknowledged at this time.

Officials said the children’s parents and a grown-up family member were at the home when they arrived.

The family had obviously moved to the area over the summer. They earlier lived in Oklahoma.

The suspect’s identity is not yet known, but officials said she’s in the process of being booked on three counts of first-degree manslaughter.

The father, along with the other family member, is reportedly still being interviewed by investigators.

According to the media reports, the family was existing on the property of a nursery business. They were probably caretakers of the site but authorities have not verified the details.

The Phoenix Medical Examiner’s Office is currently serving to determine the children’s official cause of loss.

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