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Netflix Officials Announced “The Witcher” Season 1 Is Breaking History With 76 Million Views

In spite of miscellaneous reviews, The Witcher, featuring Henry Cavill, confirmed to be a higher rating success for Netflix.

In Netflix’s newest report to the shareholders which is released on Tuesday, Netflix set the fantasy series on track to become its “greatest season 1 TV series ever.”

According to Netflix, the complete first batch of episodes released on the 20th of December and within its first four weeks brought in 76 million member households.

Within the first four weeks, 76 million viewers watched The Witcher.

To set that in connection, 76 million Netflix accounts wanted to watch The Witcher within its first four weeks. More than one user connected to the same account could have probably seen The Witcher many times, but Netflix still includes that as one member household.

Earlier, Netflix marked an account view as a single user account seeing at least 70 percent of just one event. The methodology now has evolved.

The shareholder report reads, ‘As we have developed our original content, we have been working on how to best share content features that show demand.

Specify that we now have titles with broadly different lengths — from short episodes (e.g. Special at around 15 minutes) to long movies (e.g. The Highwaymen at 132 minutes).

We consider that reporting households seeing a title based on 70 percent of a per episode of a series or of a whole movie, which we have been doing, makes less sense. We are now reporting on household accounts that wanted to watch a given title.’

Source: Polygon

The Witcher had a record-breaking figure

They mean with “chose to watch” that one account that saw at least two minutes of a series or a movie, long enough to suggest the decision was deliberate.

The Witcher, that record-breaking figure creates 76 million accounts that watched at least two minutes of the series. Some may have seen further, others may have halted at just two minutes.

Netflix admits this new way of following yields a much higher figure than its former method. For example, Our Planet logged 30 million account views under the 70 percent spectator metric start, but 45 million account views with the new metric.

According to the company’s thinking, mention here: ‘Our new methodology is similar to the BBC iPlayer in their rankings based on ‘applications’ for the title, ‘most famous’ articles on The New York Times which cover those who opened the articles, and YouTube view adds.’

In precise, this is more like following stats for Internet content. This, as a source earlier laid out, is much different from how Nielsen records data for television programs. Following this move, one might even assume that Netflix views its programming closer to Internet content and less to television shows and movies.

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