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Netflix’s The Society Season 2; Release Date, Cast, And Much More

There is hardly anyone in the world who does not like dramas. At times, we watch series and shows that compel us to watch them for another season because the kind of storyline they carry with them is worth watching again. It also creates a kind of eagerness in our minds as to what will happen next.

The case is the same as Netflix’s The Society. The teenagers shown in this show are waning between alternate existence where reality is not satisfactory, and what is satisfying is not the reality. The simple idea of getting lost in an alternative reality gives sleepless nights amid the chance of staying there forever.

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Expected Plot Of Season 2

We saw in season one that the teenagers were trapped in a parallel universe, and they have not found the way out yet. The research work of Gordon and Bean gave shocking results when they discovered that the planet in which they were stying was not theirs at all, and the possibility matrix is high that they could be there forever.

The very last episode of the first season depicted an inscription on the wall which read, “We remember them,” but the sad part is that they do not know the location of their children.

We have many things to watch in the second season as it would have a lot to unfold as the very fact that they were not on their planet is still a puzzle. The logic could be quite compelling.

They had a breath of relief when they discovered a fertile place, and the appearance of turkeys and fish in a nearby water body can guarantee that they are not going to die when they would fall short of food. As we all understand, life is not a cakewalk and not a bed of roses when you got characters like Harry, Campbell, and Lexie around.

But in a troublesome position like this, things are progressing to get more damaging if they attempt to pull each other’s leg, and it will be fascinating to know how they handle to stand by each other’s side when things are going to go down in the wrong direction.

Campbell was very well conscious of the fact that Elle attempted to poison him, will have outcomes for sure. Expecting assistance and teamwork between the growing crisis will entertain the fans. The plot of the show will become quite exciting when they have to work out their disagreements in the improvement of a common objective to get out of the planet and to come back to their home with the least collateral damage.

Expected Release Date Of The Society Season 2

Though the makers have received no official information, it can be assumed that the show would be released on the streaming service around May 2020 as the filming of the show began in 2019.

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