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Robert Pattinson, Possible Role For Batman In Justice League

Robert Pattinson has been confirmed as the next Dark Knight for the upcoming Batman movie series. It’s a bit awkward that the Actor mainly clinched the romantic titles and now head for a change in his filmography. The sparkling Vampire who made the best pair with her co-actress Kristen Stewart will follow the roads of Gotham.

Batman played by the likes of Christian Bale and Ben Affleck recently, and the list goes on if the past roles are also concerned. But these two were modern-age Batman and portrayed the character according to their capabilities.

Will Robert Pattinson Feature In Justice League?

It’s pretty evident that if Robert Pattinson confirmed as Batman, then he will continue in parallel series of DC. Justice League is a union of DC characters in which featuring of Batman is necessary for the franchise.

How will Robert Pattinson Lineup in Justice League?

Ben Affleck in Justice League already portrays Batman, so it could be double trouble for Robert Pattinson to fill the shoes of the character. Even fans will have some problems with a sudden lineup of Robert Pattinson in the series. It’s quite difficult for an artist to adopt a role, and if it happened all of a sudden, then there could be a gamble. Even fans can’t readily accept the position, but who knows everything will go smooth for Pattinson, and he will play his part perfectly.

Is It a Bad move by DC?

This could not be a wrong move for DC as Ben Affleck himself gave up his role for the character. Now it’s crucial to replace the lead as soon as possible, and appointing Robert Pattinson is not a bad idea either.

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