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The Reasons Why Jared Leto Is Best To Play Marvel’s Living Vampire In Morbius

It seems like Jared Leto is pulling a Ben Affleck in reverse by conversion from DC films to performing a Marvel character.

Lately, the first trailer for Sony’s Morbius released, which marks the Academy Award-winner in the lead role of Michael Morbius, who is led to in the comics as ‘The Living Vampire.’

Here is we are going to discuss how the character of Jared Leto in Morbius is the right choice to play the bizarre bloodsucker.

Well, we consider he is excellent for the character and will fight fang and claw to preserve his casting with the following short and planned arguments.

Based on the character’s comic book origin and his performance in the movie, Morbius’ story is strong in themes of obsession, manifest in the extreme lengths he goes to cure his own sickness and the stubborn desire for the blood he holds post-transformation.

Jared Leto played various characters with obsessive personalities

The beloved star Jared Leto has performed many roles with obsessive personalities, like a narcotic addict in Requiem for a Dream or John Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27, but none as clearly connected to Morbius like Niander Wallace in Blade Runner 2049.

Michael Morbius is a Nobel-prize winning biochemist hellbent on getting a cure for his unique blood infection – an infatuation that takes him as far as developing a strategy that connects electroshock treatment with the presentation to vampire bats that, while protecting his life, also makes him a warning to naive people.

Playing the character in Morbius maybe Jared Leto’s first Marvel movie role

As we have already told that performing the lead in Morbius perhaps Jared Leto’s first Marvel film character, but not his first comic book film performance.

The star performed DCEU’s version of the Joker, following a long line of stars made popular for bringing Batman’s arch-nemesis to the big screen, as a member of the whole cast of supervillains in Suicide Squad.

Jared Leto’s uniquely well-regulated act was met with miscellaneous reactions, some analyzing his shortage of screen time despite marketing that teased a larger character.

Some found the design of the character to be an injustice to its comic book counterpart, and others who noticed his participation completely useless.

Jared Leto certainly has what it takes to perform a villain, but could also go a separate way by presenting Morbius as an annoyed anti-hero who uses his bloodlust to beat evil, as later comic book bodies would portray him.

This would be a delightful change-up for the artist along with for cinematic depictions of vampirism as of late. We just expect no crew members for Morbius faced any bite marks onset.

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