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Two Officers Shot To Death By A Suspect Who Previously Stabbed Landlord


On Sunday morning, two Honolulu officers shot to death and third injured when they appeared to reports of a stabbing, and within minutes a wealthy neighborhood at the base of Diamond Head was aflame.

The sources of the police recognized the defendant as 69-year-old Jerry Hanel, who has a record of unusual behavior who allegedly set off the event by stabbing his landlord when she attempted to evict from the house on Hibiscus Street.

He allegedly met the three responding officers with gunfire when they appeared at around 9:30 a.m. and considered to have set the fire that engulfed the house about 15 minutes later before expanding to more of the neighborhood.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser told that at least 12 homes hit by the fire, with at least four a total loss. Some vehicles, including police vehicles, were also damaged.

Officials thought that Hanel died in the fire.

Police Officers Died 

Eyewitnesses described seeing injured police officers carried out of the home quickly after the shooting. At least one got CPR on the scene before being brought to Queen’s Medical Center in very severe condition. The two officers, one reportedly female, passed away at the hospital. The third officer shot in the leg.

The landlord, recognized by neighbors as Lois Cain, brought to the hospital in severe condition. Authorities considered that she assaulted with a garden tool.

By early afternoon, firefighters came to have gained control of the flames, but prior, both flames and heavy black smoke were noticeable for miles, pouring off the spot blocks from the ocean.

Honolulu’s City and County initiated its Emergency Operations Center to give support for first responders and to help with those whose houses destroyed by the fires.


The Star-Advertiser told that Hanel listed to go on trial on January 27 for misapplication of the 911 system, a date that delayed from October. The alleged crime happened on May 28, and Hanel had declared not guilty.

The newspaper also added that four different people registered seven separate temporary restraining orders against him amid 2014 and 2018. One of those people lived at 3007 Hibiscus Drive. Hanel also asked for two restraining orders in 2018, one against a person residing at 3007 Hibiscus Drive.

Hanel’s address is registered as 3015 Hibiscus Drive in the grievance from last May. Neighbors told that he had resided in the house for around ten years.

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