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Will Night King History Feature In Game Of Thrones Prequel Shows?

Game of Thrones infamous antagonist Knight king met his fate in a sudden stab and vanished. He was the mightiest villain of the series until his death but still remains a mystery.

Night king’s character is not properly disclosed in the series, he has so many secrets hidden behind his motives. But Why Makers didn’t reveal a single one yet, its end of the series now and there is no chance of it. Actually, they are bringing a prequel of Game of Thrones to reveal more about the character.

Prequel of Game of Thrones

House of dragons is confirmed as the prequel of popular HBO series Game of Thrones. This will feature the past incidents happened in Westeros and in Seven Kingdoms.

Night King, Center of Attention

Makers didn’t give a clue about Night King in Game of Thrones because they want to individually focus on the character. Now as  house of dragons is confirmed, it could feature the life of Night king, so now viewers will get to know more about Night King. Only his origin was disclosed in the Game of Thrones as Children of Forest created him but now we will see the picture more clear and precise. But it could be a major doubt after Naomi Watts’s controversial Bloodmoon is out of the box now. So Night King will still remain a history for some time if they haven’t any plans for him.

So we were criticizing the makers after his death as many plotholes were made after his termination. But now fans will get to know about the tiny details of the character. His silent nature, his motives and of course the mysterious pattern of the white walkers.

Source: Polygon

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