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10-Month-Old Baby Plummets 8 Feet Down A Heating Vent After Murder Turned Back For A Minute

A 10 months old baby fell 8 feet down on a heating vent.

The baby fell on a heating vent

An Oregon mother reportedly told the officers that she turned her head for just a few seconds when her son tumble on a heating vent.

According to the reports, ten months old Kolson collapsed through an open outlet inside his home in Oregon.

The 1920s house was under renovation

Saydie Reedy, the child’s mother claimed that their home was going through renovation and all the family members were busy in the renovation work.
Their house was build in the 1920s, so they had a heating vent on the floor.

She added that she was busy washing the utensils, and in the meanwhile, she felt that her son had opened the heating vents.

“I couldn’t hear him in there, but he was nowhere else to be found, so I quickly called 911 – panicking,” Reedy said.

Officers rescued the baby

Police immediately arrived to rescue the child. One of the officers took off his shirt and pant and climbed up to the crawlspace inside the house, then he grabbed the child and handed him to another officer.

“He didn’t break character once,” Reedy said. “When the officer lifted him up out of the crawlspace and handed up, the first thing he did was glare at the officer.”

The mother wanted to share the story

Luckily the child was unharmed. No injuries were reported during a health checkup. Still, the mother wanted to share her experience with other people in order to make them aware of heating vents.

“I was pretty anxious — I thought to myself, who loses a kid in a vent?” she said. “But a lot of people have reached out and shared their own stories of things their kids have done.”

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