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‘6 Underground’ Watched By 83 Million Members, According To Netflix

6 Underground appeared on Netflix back on December 13 of last year, and it seems like plenty of the streaming service’s subscribers convinced to hit play on the film.

6 Underground Watched By 83 Million Members

Netflix declared in a shareholder letter that 83 million member households watched the massive-budget action-comedy featuring Ryan Reynolds in its initial four weeks of availability on the service.

That 83 million figure shows a severe degree of popularity and interest in 6 Underground among Netflix subscribers. Still, as is always with the case with Netflix, the streamer’s viewership figures need a bit of parsing out. That’s because Netflix only shares what it needs to share, and its measurements are not separately verified by a third-party.

Netflix has just developed its audience metric, and the company now counts a ‘viewer’ as someone who sees at least two minutes of a movie or a show. In the past, a viewer calculated as anyone who viewed at least 70% of a film. The figures for 6 Underground based on the new metric.

So the threshold has been dropped significantly, but Netflix states that the two-minute marker treats all content fairly, regardless of its length. The theory is that this is a better and fairer way of deciding whether audiences made the active choice to watch something.

Source: Decider

Further Information Regarding 6 Underground’s Success

It’s also worth seeing that 83 million figure only belongs to households, so multiple viewers on the same account still only count as one. As such, when you factor in that and many people may see this movie with others assembled around the television, even more people could have watched the Bayhem on the small screen. Regardless, it is evident that plenty of people watched 6 Underground.

That is great because 6 Underground did not come inexpensive. The action-comedy, which follows a group of people who pretend their deaths to become secret agents and take on challenging missions to right the wrongs in the world, cost a reported $150 million to make.

So although it’s always tough to know precisely how Netflix estimates a title’s victory.

While that seems like plenty, it doesn’t make 6 Underground Netflix’s most prominent movie. That title still goes to Bird Box. But it yet looks like a win for the Michael Bay film.

6 Underground is now streaming on Netflix.

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