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FIFA: Why Cross Platform Is Crucial For The Franchise?

The World is mostly fond of Sports, and if you are mentioning sports, then there is a special place for Football in the people’s hearts. Football is the most followed sport on the globe, and people thoroughly enjoy it.

Two primary ways to enjoy the sport are on the pitch and off the pitch, off-pitch, including spectating and playing virtually. If we are talking about Playing virtually, then Fifa by EA, sports has a reputation that everyone supports in terms of gameplay and features.

Fifa 21 is the next game on the schedule the same as every fall EA worked on the project and earns millions of profit. Within the period of launching, the Game is in high demand and a significant reason for heartbreaks, according to the survey.

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Cross-Platform In FIFA Franchise

But who cares about it when you are enjoying the game, there could be another reason to cherish for the FIFA gamers as a new feature which could be on its way, and it can shake the whole scenario of the gaming.

What we are talking about here is Cross-Platform in FIFA; Fifa always been on the principle of the platform to platform gaming, which means that pc users will play against pc users and consoles users take on consoles users. But if somehow, FIFA may break this tradition and could add a cross-platform feature in the game.

It is not confirmed yet that it’s going to happen or not, but to maintain their level of standards, FIFA should take this step to widen the market of the game further.

Cross-platform gaming is a concern in shooting games, but it’s possible to engage this feature in sports games like FIFA, Nba, etc. Well, this is all up to EA that they will add this feature or not so that players will see something exciting and unpredictable.

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