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Here’s What Fans Could Expect From Netflix |October Faction| (Season 1)

Netflix announced October Faction on September 28, 2018. Since then, it’s been over a year since the series has been in production and finally hits Netflix today January 23’rd. The developers have been so secretive with the production nobody knew when the series would be released until it was.

Here’s What You Can Expect From The New Netflix Series

The series is a rip off of Supernatural, where two brothers Sam and Dean hunt Supernatural entities for saving the world when in actuality, it was about the thrill. Only here, these brothers are called Fred and Deloris Allen.

The alteration here is that they still live with their family, so expect family drama, and every once in a while, one may find themselves deep inside trouble. Coupled with corny dinner talks and chasing high school girls, this show is an ideal match for any teenager with a soft heart.

For those who have not seen Supernatural, It’s about demon and monsters hunting while still dealing with real Mythological beings, including battles with Arch-Angels, Wendigos, Shapeshifters, Spirits, and Dragons. I emphasize dragons. The weapons to combat these entities are the same you would use if you were to be attacked such a thing. Teaches you correct usage of salt, pentagrams, silver, and what smell a demon a leaves behind, sulfur.

Cinematography, Production, and Cast

We have come a long way from low-resolution images to high-quality effects. Only thing catchy about this show is the animation and editing. Women seem to be the only good actors able to capture the show.

The series is created by Damian Kindler, who will also act as a writer and executive producer. Additional executive producers are set to include Eric Birnberg, Steve Niles, Thomas Walden, James Thorpe, Melissa Blake, and George Strayton.

Would I recommend watching it? 

Yes and no. Yes, if it’s summertime and you want a decent show to binge-watch. What I can tell from just seeing the trailer and plot, this show is going to have a lot of fillers, and cheesy stuff which is not my cup of tea I would raise for a toast.

No, if you are in this for a good horror because it is not, the fillers would probably be so stretched out that would even make the nail-biting moments of being in tension to simple staring and losing patience with the showjumping from scene to scene.

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