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Intel Sets To Slash Prices On PC’s Due To Looming Threat Of Ryzen CPU’s

It is well said if you want to beat the competition, then you have to best or another way is to provide cheap and best services to the consumers. The same scenario is currently dealing by Intel as AMD CPUs are grabbing many hands than theirs.

So what’s goes wrong for the giant, its popularity is non-questionable, but some factors could be decisive in this war of sales.

Slash Its Prices

Intel is set to decrease the prices on its CPUs later this year in an attempt to keep market dominance over AMD, whose Zen 3 processors rumored to be launching in mid or late 2020.

To combat the looming threat of AMD’s next renewal, Intel rumored to be slashing the prices on its processors in the second half of 2020.

Intel has already decreased the price of its L-Series Cascade Lake Xeon chips and is set to lessen the prices on many more products throughout the year.

Market Stats

This comes after AMD made huge paces into the CPU market share in 2019 – beginning the year with a 23% hold on the market and ending the year at 32%, thanks in no small part to the success of its Ryzen 3000 range of 7nm processors.  AMD Ryzen processors are taking pride of place in both our Ultimate $800 1080p Gaming PC Build and the Ultimate Gaming PC For Less Than $1200.

This basically leaves Intel with little choice but to consume into its profit margins with a price drop.

AMD certainly seems to be applying the right pressure on Intel, and it’s not hard to see why AMD is known for offering affordable and reliable CPUs, and with its next processor architecture, Zen 3, its place in the CPU market is only set to improve.

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