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Model, 27, Glasses Her Rival Model, 33, In Her Face Leaving With 90 Stitches After She Jumped Of Toilet Queue

Model Injures Her Rival In An Assualt

Milka Borges, 33, required 90 joins and has experienced three oral and facial medical procedures after the fierce January 11 assault in São Paulo, Brazil. Property expert Milka was celebrating a companion’s birthday at Iulia Restaurant situated inside the selective Jockey Club when Fernanda Bonito, 27, attacked her.

The alcoholic marvelousness model bounced the line for the can before throwing a wine glass at Milka’s head leaving her with changeless wounds. After updates on the assault got open, Bonito guaranteed she made a “botch” when she “‘ tossed an article” and injured the 33-year-old.

In a composed articulation, she expressed: “I truly lament what occurred, despite the fact that I additionally endured a few wounds, I would not like to make any damage and enduring this young lady.” Milka discharged stunning video indicating the degree of the terrible wounds that have left her face in part deformed and deadened.

Specialists have cautioned she faces long haul outcomes with perpetual scarring. As indicated by a police report, the alcoholic model entered the bathroom and attempted to hop the line. The specialist revealed to Record TV: “(Bonito) entered the washroom and began punching all the lodge ways to check whether there were any free.

“She told everybody in the restroom she was in control and she would utilize the latrine before any other person there. “I would not like to utilize the washroom yet was going with my companion who lives in Australia.

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