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Mother Accompanies Daughter On Honeymoon, Gives Birth 9 Months Later

Honeymoons are generally meant for just two people, but in this case, three people were involved in a honeymoon, and one of them ended up being cheated by the other two.

This shocking case is of a UK woman whose partner left her to be with her mom. The woman has now revealed her feelings that she would never forgive her mother. According to the woman, her mother not only took her husband away from her but also had a baby with her husband.

She claimed that her mother, who went with them on their honeymoon, had a baby with her husband just after nine months of the honeymoon. She also informed that both of them later married on the day that would have been her first wedding anniversary.

34-year-old Lauren Wall, of Twickenham in southwest London, got married to airport worker Paul White back in 2004 when she was just 19 years old and had just given birth to their child.

Lauren’s mother, Julie, who is now 53 years old, gave the entire bill for the wedding expenses. To express her gratitude towards her mother, Julie was invited by the couple on their honeymoon.

To Lauren, it appeared like a good plan at the time. After just eight weeks later, Paul moved out of the home he was sharing with Lauren. Nine months after this incident, Julie gave birth to Paul’s child and declared that they were officially a couple.

Lauren informed our sources that after their honeymoon, her husband became strangely “protective” of his cell phone. Just four weeks after their wedding, Lauren’s sister came across some inappropriate texts on her mother’s cellphone.

When Lauren subsequently gathered up the courage and confronted her mother, Julie about the messages, her mother tried to compel her that nothing inappropriate was going on between her and Paul.

Lauren’s relationship with Paul started on Valentine’s Day when she was just 17 years old, and Paul was 18 years in age. She also informed that her date with Paul ruined her marriage with him.

At present, both daughters and mothers have moved on in their lives, and both of them are in talking terms. But it very obvious that both of them would never share the similar kind of bond that they shared earlier.

This is very unfortunate for the girl who was not only cheated by her boyfriend, but also by her very own mother.

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