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One Unexpected Challenge With Making Netflix’s Movie ‘Dolemite Is My Name’

Biggest Challenge While Making ‘Dolemite Is My Name’

Netflix released last November, what’s become one of its most hit original movies: Dolemite Is My Name, featuring Eddie Murphy as filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore.

One of the challenges that went into documenting the period assuring that all the leading characters in Dolemite Is My Name seemed as close as their real-life counterparts as possible.

That particular part handed to Stacey Morris, Carla Farmer, and Vera Steimberg, who manage the hair and makeup crew on Dolemite Is My Name.

How The Challenge Fulfilled

Operating with director Craig Brewer costume designer Ruth Carter, all went to exact lengths researching the kind of hairstyles one would have noticed in 1970s Los Angeles.

Speaking about how significant it was to do a “deep dive” on that period, Steimberg replied: “We actually took our time to research the era and surely looked into every detail of the Rudy Ray Moore’s original Dolemite character. We needed this film to seem authentic. We had to achieve all the unique looks. There were Rudy’s appearances, but we had the movie within the movie that had its unique looks.”

That makes sense. While Dolemite Is My Name recreates some moments from the original Dolemite, the movie is about how Rudy Ray Moore appears with the eponymous character and all the work he poured into bringing said creation to the screen.

For making sure Eddie Murphy looked like Moore both in front of and away from the camera, it also necessary those who joined Moore in making Dolemite look era-appropriate.

To that end, Stacey Morris, Carla Farmer, and Vera Steimberg visit fitting sessions for those secondary characters quickly pitched thoughts to Ruth Carter.

Finally, the hair in Dolemite Is My Name tackled with a “heightened level of scrutiny.” If the trio had difficulty with a particular actor’s nose, they’d put a hat on that person, and Steimberg told that none of the women had implants. Morris added to Variety:

“We had a person with dreads down to his waist, so we wrapped his dreads and added things to make it seem like an Afro.”

You can watch Dolemite Is My Name on Netflix, and if you’re curious about what’s hitting the big screen over this year, consult our 2020 release schedule.

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