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Scientists Claim Earth’s Oldest Asteroid Impact Might Have Ended Ice Age

The planetary experts have recognised the world’s oldest asteroid crater in Australia. They have reported that this discovery might explain how the planet was elevated from an ice age.

As per the reports, the asteroid hit Yarrabubba in Western Australia about 2.2 billion years ago. Because of its age, this crater is half the age of Earth. These conclusions were made after the scientists tested and examined the minerals that were found in the rock.

Source: CBS News

The scientists informed that this discovery is exciting because it could account for a warning event that could have occurred in an earlier era.

When Was Crater Discovered For The First Time

The crater was discovered in the deserted outback in 1979, but geologists had not previously examined how old it was.

Due to billions of years of decay, the crater is not apparent to the eye. Experts outlined scars in the area’s magnetic field to discover its 70km (43 miles) diameter.

How The Research Process Was Conducted

To ascertain when the asteroid collided with the Earth, the team experimented tiny zircon and monazite crystals in the rocks. These crystals contain tiny amounts of uranium. Because uranium decomposes into the lead at a steady pace, the planetary experts were able to determine how much time had passed.

The experts have anticipated that the asteroid is around 200 million years older than the next most ancient space structure, the Vredefort Dome in South Africa.

The timing of the hit could also reveal why the world heated around this time, according to the researchers.

Scientists consider the planet was earlier in one of its “Snowball Earth” periods when it was mostly wrapped in ice. At some point, the ice sheets thawed and the planet started to immediately warm.

Using computer modelling, the team determined that the asteroid hit a kilometres-thick ice sheet covering the Earth. The incident would have released huge quantities of water vapour, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.

This could have served the planet’s warming during the Proterozoic era. It is A stage when oxygen had just developed in the atmosphere, and complicated life had not yet developed.

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